Here is how to determine if you’re in the presence of something supernatural

I am not a ghost hunter, although I probably would enjoy being one rather thoroughly. I’m not a supernatural expert, nor am I a demonologist; rather, I am someone who takes tremendous interest in things beyond our world, or human form, and because I’ve sustained this interest for several years, I’ve come to learn a thing or two about the supernatural realm and what it entails.

I absolutely believe in ghosts and other supernatural entities, and without offending anyone, I don’t understand how people can still deny the existence of the paranormal world considering how much evidence is in existence, and is furthermore accessible to the public. I’ve had my own paranormal experiences, and I thought I would share some basic knowledge regarding how to determine if you’re in the presence of something that is not human.

If you all of a sudden encounter a very cold area, to the point you can see your breath, get out of there as quickly as possible. Rapid temperature drops are often indicative of a demon or a particularly angry entity.

If, for no apparent reason, gadgets and appliances are turning on and off, or lights, you’re likely in the presence of something paranormal as the energy they omit can counteract our sources of electricity.

Visually detecting a lot of orbs in the air can mean a presence is with you.

If you’re hearing unexplainable sounds, for example, voices if you’re alone, or music, there is a strong chance something is trying to communicate with you.

Having the feeling someone is watching you, or experiencing a sudden onset of dread or anxiety for no apparent reason can indicate the presence of something angry or dangerous.

Occasionally, the standing up of hairs on the body without a temperature fluctuation can indicate a presence, again because of the energy they release.

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