Another year, another birthday

This past Monday, I celebrated my 28th birthday.

I feel as though I should stipulate that while I am more than willing to share my age with all of you now, I may not be so willing once I’m over 40. That won’t be for a while, though, so we should be just fine in our transparency.

When your birthday falls on a Monday, I wouldn’t exactly say you’re expecting anything grand. Despite the weekday my birthday happened to fall on this year, I truly had a wonderful birthday, and it was so pleasant thanks to all of the people in my life who made it so.

My family and I celebrated my birthday and Blaine’s with a lovely dinner over the weekend, and on Monday, I had lunch with my mom, dad and sister and had the opportunity to open gifts. I had dinner with Blaine, and afterwards, he gave me his gift, and we then enjoyed a cozy, quiet evening together in our home, which is exactly how I wanted to spend my actual birthday.

Birthdays somewhat lose their lustre with each passing year in a sense; when we are children, our birthdays are incredibly exciting, fun-filled days, and we aren’t thinking about a whole lot other than the gifts we received and the cake we are eating. Once we’re adults, birthdays often serve as a reminder of our aging, and while a lot of folks may perceive this as a negative occurrence, I say it’s all about mindset. Aging is inevitable, so as opposed to viewing a birthday as another notch on the tombstone, why not interpret it as another milestone, or accomplishment, on our path through life?

Everyone gets one day a year during which they should feel loved and celebrated, and I certainly felt this and more on my birthday this year.

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