Gender Segregation in Product Marketing

Have you ever noticed the amount of blatant gender segregation that exists in everyday product marketing?

The other day I was browsing the aisles at Shopper’s Drug Mart, as I was in need of some new razors. I was scanning the wide array of razors available for purchase when I made a mental note of the ludicrous fact that there are razors for men, and razors for women. I am not making reference to the snazzy electronic razors men use to shave their faces – I am making reference to the basic and generic razors that sell for $5.00 for a pack of ten.

The razors intended for women were pink, and the razors intended for men were blue. Not only are pink and blue the most widely gendered colours in existence, but the men’s and women’s razors were exactly the same. I wanted to ensure I was correct in my observation of the identical razors, so I purchased the men’s disposable razors to bring home and use as opposed to the women’s razors I typically purchase. I used the men’s razor in the shower, and lone behold its performance was identical to that of the women’s razors.

This type of gender segregation in product marketing exists in a lot more than just disposable razors. Why are there shampoos and conditioners for men and women? I believe we both have the same type of hair. Why are there soaps for men and soaps for women? Or deodorant? If it comes down to a matter of scent, because there are scents that society has deemed female and male, is it not possible to create a hygiene product with a gender-neutral scent in order for such product to be applicable to any and all persons?

I believe that this type of gendered product marketing is a huge contributor to sexism and gender inequality in everyday society. If men and women are equal, do we really need different razors?

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