Good Old Fashioned Board Games

The other day my mom and I were conversing about board games and how much fun my family and I used to have whilst playing them. Granted my sister and I were much younger when we engaged in board games, however in the conversation I had with my mom we came to the conclusion that we were going to re-purchase some of the games we played as a family years ago (our original games have been lost/given away) and experience some of the joy and laughter we found within board games when I was younger.

Board games are such a simple, effortless means to have fun. They require no skill or special preparation for players, and they have the ability to bring persons together over one activity in order to embrace laughter and enjoyment. I can recall playing Monopoly with my family when I was younger, and as frustrating as the game became at times, the memories I can recall from playing that game with my family speaks volumes regarding the impact it had upon my childhood.

My mom, sister and I always used to play a Madeline board game. When I say always, I mean essentially everyday. I was positively obsessed with the game, and I still have it to this day. It is my hope to pass the game along to my own family when the time presents itself, and this sharing of joy and laughter again makes reference to the positive experiences I encountered from board games throughout my childhood.

The beauty of board games is that they are inexpensive, enjoyable, unitive and ultimately a powerful means of connection. They have the ability to unite individuals in the context of pleasure and enjoyment, and I sincerely look forward to participating in some classic board games with my family once again over the holidays.

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