The Positive Impact of a Good Book

My mom and I were in Hamilton yesterday afternoon running some errands, and we stopped at Chapters to pick up a gift for one of my cousins. While in the store, amidst the sea of books and novels, I was prompted to consider how powerfully I have been impacted by some wonderful reads in my life.

Books truly are a marvellous thing. They have the ability to resonate with a reader years after finishing their story, and they are more than capable of influencing an individual in ways one may not consider or think possible. For me personally, reading the Harry Potter series as a child is what initiated my passion for literature, and they are ultimately what encouraged me to study English in university.

Often times I have finished a book and have genuinely felt saddened that the experience has ended. I prefer reading fictional texts for this reason, specifically fantasy, because they are able to catapult a reader into an entirely foreign and abstract world that is hard to leave once a story has concluded.

Non-fictional texts certainly possess this same ability, and they are equally important to read as fictional texts. That is what is truly remarkable about literature – it is so flexible and so open to possibilities and opportunities, and there is essentially a genre or a novel that compliments the interests of any person.

One of my favourite things about immersing myself entirely in a novel is leaving reality and making myself fully vulnerable to the world that I am reading about. I find it so enjoyable to enter the world of the characters I am reading and leaving my own everyday life in the process, and although this experience may sound cheesy or cliche, I can say with honesty that it is what happens to me when I am completely invested in a book.

Books are, for me, a pleasant escape from reality, and I encourage any and all persons to designate a book or series that allows them to escape from their own reality as well.

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