Paranormal Investigators

My last post prompted me to consider how truly fascinated I am with paranormal studies and entities, and so I figured I would create a post addressing the concept of paranormal investigation and what exactly it entails.

According to Wikipedia, ghost hunting may be categorized as a pseudoscience in which individuals observe and study seemingly haunted locations. Persons who engage in paranormal investigation make use of devices such as EMF meters, digital thermometers, handheld and static digital video cameras, thermographic and infrared cameras, night vision cameras, recorders and computers, and do so in an attempt to interact and communicate with the ghost or spirit they are investigating.

Ghost hunters often attempt to conduct interviews with individuals who are familiar with a location they are investigating and furthermore tend to research the history of said location in order to gain insight as to why a particular space may be haunted. Because paranormal investigation fails to base itself on scientific method, it encounters a lot of scrutiny and skepticism regarding its validity or authenticity – this is why it is categorized as a pseudoscience, which is something that claims to be scientific but fails to be affiliated with any sort of scientific method. It is a practice that originated in approximately the 19th century, and it is arguably gaining popularity as time progresses.


I personally believe in paranormal activity and spirits/ghosts entirely, and while not all persons do I think it is a concept that truly fascinating. I am so interested in the paranormal world, and while it can certainly be frightening, I think sustaining belief in various entities is an intriguing and alluring possibility. Having the resources to differentiate between a good or evil spirit is certainly beneficial for individuals who have encountered them, and I think ghosts make themselves apparent to persons far more often than we realize.

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