5 Realistic Beauty Hacks

So often I stumble across Youtube videos or Pinterest posts claiming to present realistic beauty hacks that turn out to be anything but realistic. It can be quite frustrating to browse through an article proposing twenty beauty hacks you will ‘actually use’ only to make it to the conclusion of said article without designating a single trick you will genuinely make use of. This frustration has plagued me on more than one occasion, and so I thought it may be useful to compose a post of five beauty hacks that really are realistic and that I personally make use of on a daily basis.

(1) Wash makeup brushes with Dove soap: There are a multitude of products available that are intended to clean makeup brushes, however I have found that plain old Dove soap does the trick for me. I use the Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash, and it cleans my brushes effectively without damaging the bristles, plus it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. It’s a win-win situation.

(2) Spray perfume in your hair: We all know how frustrating it is to apply a fragrant spritz of perfume only to have the scent fade within minutes. I like to spritz my hair with perfume and I find it lasts longer than only on the skin.

(3) Use conditioner as shaving lotion: Finally used up that last drop of shaving cream? Use a handful of conditioner. It lathers up well and won’t dry out your skin.

(4) Use salt to dry out a weepy pimple: This hack is not one I would suggest making use of on a daily basis, however if you are in a situation which requires a weepy pimple to dry up stat, put a dab of salt on it. It will sting like a mother, but it will dry out the pus.

(5) Use moisturizer to tame flyaways: It can be a real nuisance to be out and about and with crazy baby hairs. Since it’s rather unrealistic to carry a can of hair spray with you, put some moisturizer on your hands and use the leftover product to smooth down frizzy hairs.

What are your ultimate beauty hacks? Let me know in the comments!

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