Fact or Myth: Alcohol

With New Years Eve fast approaching I figured it would be appropriate to create a post addressing some common understandings of alcohol and determining whether they are fact or myth.

Let’s begin with a highly recognized statement regarding alcohol consumption.

  • Myth: Liquor before beer you’re in the clear, beer before liquor never been sicker.
  • Fact: Turns out the amount of alcohol consumed is more significant in terms of nausea than the order said alcohol is consumed in.

Have you ever contemplated self-induced vomiting to eliminate the feeling or being drunk or to avoid being hungover the next day?

  • Myth: Vomiting encourages sobriety and prevents hangovers
  • Fact: Alcohol enters the bloodstream almost instantaneously, meaning the alcohol contained in vomit is highly unlikely to make a difference in regards to how drunk you are. If you’re past the point of the happy drunk stage and have entered into the emotional or sloppy stage, chances are you’re going to be hurting regardless of what you do the next morning.


Does taking Aspirin prior to a night of drinking seem like a logical way to prevent a hangover?

  • Myth: Consuming Aspirin or Ibuprofen before consuming copious amounts of alcohol will lessen the severity of hangover symptoms
  • Fact: The painkilling abilities of Aspirin and Ibuprofen will work their way through the body long before the hangover stage kicks in the next day. A word of warning: taking any sort of Aspirin while drinking is extremely dangerous because it has the ability to diminish stomach lining and therefore cause liver inflammation, possibly leading to alcohol poisoning.


Why is it that after a night of drinking we crave greasy comfort food? It has to sober us up, right?

  • Myth: Consuming food before going to bed after a period of drinking will prevent a hangover from occurring
  • Fact: Alcohol has entered the bloodstream already, and that McDonald’s burger is not going to suck it back out. Consuming a lot of greasy foods after drinking alcohol can actually result in acid reflux, which won’t improve your mood the next morning.

Let’s end this post on a positive note.

  • Myth: Alcohol kills brain cells
  • Fact: Alcohol does not permanently kill brain cells, but it definitely impairs judgment and common sense.

Be safe this New Year’s, and remember to never drink and drive.

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