Why 2016 Was Such A Crappy Year

I think it fair to assume that a majority of persons have seen one if not several news headlines declaring that 2016 has been the worst year planet Earth has seen in a while.

So, I suppose to appropriate thing to ask when contemplating this observation is: why?

Why was 2016 so shitty? Was it the combination of celebrity deaths and improper punishments for perpetrators of sexual assault? Or was it perhaps the unpredictable American presidential election outcome in addition to the misogynistic and sexiest comments made by the victor of said election?

I guess we will never truly know (that was sarcasm).

The truth is, in my opinion, that 2016 presented a multitude of unfortunate situations and events, arguably more in one consecutive year than the world has encountered in a while.

Terrorist attacks spiked in a global context, racial shootings escalated and natural disasters wreaked havoc around the world. Disease and plagues rocked nations, global warming worsened (some persons even denied it) and equality and human rights were overlooked due to personal prejudice and discrimination. The rich increased their wealth, the poor failed to gain progress, and free speech was oppressed as a result of excessive sensitivity and the concern of being politically correct.

There’s also the state of the economy and the job market to consider.

These findings and recognitions are alarming for two reasons; firstly, if 2016 was this bad, what will 2017 present, and secondly, considering a majority of the negative events that occurred this year were a result of hate and judgment, what does this communicate about the morality of humans in contemporary society?

It is my genuine hope that 2016 was simply a bad apple and that the upcoming years will propose more positive outcomes. If I am wrong, I think it safe to assume that we’re in for a wild ride.


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