Why You Should Own A Diffuser

I received a diffuser as one of my Christmas gifts despite owning one, however I failed to commit to using the one I had. I plugged my old one in for a few days, let it sit on my dresser in my bedroom empty for a while, then retired it to my drawer.

The new diffuser I was given as a gift is super cool (it changes colours), and regardless if this feature is what prompted me to start using a diffuser once again, I am glad I decided to.

If you are unaware of what a diffuser is and how it works, it is essentially a container that vaporizes water and releases said vapour into the air. Some persons use them with just water, however they are intended to be used in collaboration with some type of essential oil. When an essential oil is added to the water inside the diffuser, its aromas are incorporated into the vapour released and aside from smelling divine the aromas can be incredibly beneficial in numerous ways.

According to naturallivingideas.com, there are ten main reasons as to why every home should contain a diffuser. Diffusers containing essential oils aid in sleep/relaxation, enhance mood, prevent illness, improve respiratory functions, reduce pain, heighten brain function, cool body temperature, deter insects, are a safer option than candles and are cheaper than purchasing candles and air fresheners.

There are different oils for different needs and preferences. Lavender and chamomile are used for relaxation, vanilla and jasmine are used to boost mood, lemon and rosemary are used to prevent illness and peppermint is used to cool body temperature. Essential oils are available for purchase in almost any scent meaning there is an option for anyone, and diffusers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They are relatively inexpensive and are typically available at stores like Winners, Home Sense and Walmart.

An added bonus – diffusers tend to sound like water droplets when they’re operating, so you also have a pleasant sound to snooze to.

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