New Year’s Day

Today is New Year’s Day, and with such occasion I thought it may be beneficial to share with you some of my own thoughts and opinions of this celebration.

It is common knowledge that individuals tend to celebrate New Year’s Eve in order to ring in the New Year accordingly, however I feel as though New Year’s Day itself fails to receive as much attention as its former evening.

Why is this? Considering New Years is a celebration of what is to come, why do we find ourselves sprawled out on the couch as a result of too much drinking the night before? I fail to see how spending New Years Day hungover is an adequate means of celebrating the potential possibilities of the upcoming year.

While I do think New Year’s and its meaning has good intentions, I honestly feel as though New Year’s Eve receives far too much hype in comparison to other holidays and occasions.

The main reasoning for said hype? Usually a reason to consume copious amounts of alcohol.

If drinking is the main reason why persons look forward to and anticipate New Years, does this not speak volumes about what the holiday itself has become associated with? Rather than acknowledging the holiday as an opportunity to embrace the events and situations of the approaching year, we acknowledge it as an occasion to become overly intoxicated without encountering scrutiny from our friends and family because it has become the norm. If getting drunk has become the focal point of a new year, why do we bother celebrating it at all anymore?

I realize that not all persons get drunk on New Year’s Eve and therefore spend the next day in bed, but I would argue that a majority of individuals do.

I just think it makes more sense to spend the first day of the New Year being productive and efficient as per usual rather than with my head in the toilet.

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