Film Review: Grave Encounters

I recently watched a horror film titled Grave Encounters with my boyfriend. I really enjoy watching horror movies, and I am furthermore tremendously interested in the paranormal realm. I therefore assumed this film would be a great choice.

Moral of this story: Do not assume anything.

The film is on Netflix, and after a quick google search it became apparent that I am not the only one who did not particularly enjoy this movie. It has ratings that average between 30% and 50%, and after viewing it I understand why.

The film is intended to be perceived as realistic because the entire movie depicts seemingly ‘lost’ footage from a paranormal investigation team that was discovered at a later date. The team stars in a fictional television show named Grave Encounters, and the movie displays their experiences from their sixth episode that was never aired due to what occurred.

For their sixth episode, the team decides to spend one night in an abandoned psychiatric hospital in British Columbia. They request to be locked in for the evening by the ground-keeper, and they quickly discover that the spirits existing in the hospital are not friendly.

The movie was definitely scary, however it was excessively unrealistic and highly predictable. The special effects came across as goofy and comical at times, and the acting was sub-par (excluding the final scene of the film – it’s actually terrifying).

I have come to the conclusion that designating well-made horror films is becoming more difficult as the film genre progresses. So often horror films include repetitive and typical tropes, and unless something new and unique is presented it is likely to bore me.

If you are a horror fan like myself, I recommend Hush, The Ring, The Conjuring and The Awakening. I enjoy these particular films because their are intensely suspenseful and they keep you interested with their twisting plots.

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