Riverview Mental Hospital

My last post addressed my personal opinion of the horror film titled Grave Encounters. I thought it may be beneficial to provide some insight as to where the movie was filmed.

The portrayed location of Grave Encounters is known as the Riverview Mental Hospital in Coquitlam, British Columbia. It was founded in 1913 and closed in 2012, housing approximately 4500 patients by the 1950s. In December of 2015, the Provincial Government expressed their intent to restore the facility in order to have it open and running once again by 2019.

The hospital fails to maintain a positive reputation. Many cases of abuse from families of former patients were reported throughout the facilities running duration, several who received settlements for forced sterilization. It has been stated that patients of Riverview were subject to inhumane procedures and experiments and were treated poorly overall, failing to receive adequate food, water and hospitality.

When Riverview was still in operation, it was located next to a farm which employed patients of the hospital to work. Each year the patients aided in producing over 700 tons of  various crops and 20,000 gallons of milk which was used in the facility.

The vast facility contains an underground tunnel that connects all of the buildings together. The entire location occupies approximately 1000 acres.

Riverview’s oldest building, known as the West Lawn, is considered to be the most haunted today. It housed British Columbia’s most psychotic patients, and its location is what is most popular amongst paranormal investigators today. Sightings of ghosts, eerie sounds and aspirations and objects moving independently have been reported on numerous occasions.

I was surprised to learn that there are plans to re-open Riverview. After doing my own research on the hospital, I fail to see why any person would want to reside there. Perhaps sightings of ghosts and unexplainable events will heighten once the doors open once again.

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