Worst Makeup Products of 2016

2016 wouldn’t be complete without one more negative recollection, hence why I am composing a post to inform you of what were the worst makeup products, in my opinion, from this past year. These products did not necessarily originate in 2016 but were tested and tried by myself in 2016, therefore I determined labeling them as 2016 products to be an appropriate means of categorization.

(1) e.l.f. Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara: I discovered this particular mascara at Walmart this past year and figured I really did not have anything to lose with a mere three dollar price tag. I was rooting for this guy and hoped he would fulfill my expectations because of how inexpensive it is, however I was terribly wrong and disappointed. This mascara flaked all over my face like a pastry and allowed me to resemble a raccoon by the end of the day, hence why it is one of the worst makeup products of 2016.

(2) Marcelle Flawless Foundation: Similar to the e.l.f. mascara, I truly and genuinely wanted to enjoy this product. Marcelle is a cosmetic company that is reliable in regards to its ingredients, however this foundation was a major disappointment. The coverage is poor and the consistency is watery, and for what it costs it should definitely perform better.

(3) Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Lip Oil: This product from Physicians Formula was a definite fail for me. A lip oil is not something that is intended to be worn as an everyday balm and I found the consistency of these oils to be gloppy and uncomfortable. One oil is available in a tinted shade however has zero colour to it once applied, and for their price these oils are not worth re-purchasing.

Purchasing makeup fails is beneficial in the sense that they allow you to recognize which products work for you and which products do not. These products did not please me however they could do wonders for someone else – that’s the beauty of makeup.

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