Eating After An Eating Disorder

I recently had a discussion with an individual regarding my current eating habits since dealing with an eating disorder several years ago. I explained to this person how eating and consuming food is never quite the same as it may have been prior to struggling with an eating disorder, and they were quite concerned to learn that I still count calories despite  being in remission from my disorder for a few years ago.

I think it is so important to educate persons about how severe the impact of an eating disorder is on an individual and how such impact often time resonates with them for the remainder of their life. It is difficult for someone who has never struggled with an eating disorder to comprehend how eating habits and patterns never return to ‘normal’ for someone who has had Anorexia or Bulimia (or both, in my case), and it can be extremely frustrating to listen to someone tell you to simply stop counting calories or to refrain from having such a strict eating regime.

Believe me, if it were that simple I would know.

I have done tremendous research on the topic of eating after having an eating disorder, and it is quite normal for individuals to continue behaviour they exhibited throughout their disorder whilst in remission, but in a much more controlled and appropriate manner.  I still count calories on a daily basis, however I ensure I ingest enough food to fuel my body and to maintain my current body weight. I am unsure if I will ever be able to eat food without calculating the nutritional information of such food in my head, and as much as this realization perturbs me I have learned to accept it because I am now healthy and eating normally.

Eating disorders wreak havoc on the body and the mind. Before questioning someone who has struggled with an eating disorder about their eating habits, consider the fact that they are far more informed of their routines and patterns than you may realize.

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