Konjac Sponges: Are They Worth the Hype?

I have always been intrigued by the concept of a Clarasonic facial cleansing tool. Many individuals recommend the Clarasonic system for its intense and effective deep clean, and while I have debated purchasing the tool for approximately one year now I simply cannot justify the hefty price tag attached to the device.

My family and I went to Ohio for two days earlier this week for some shopping, and my sister took the opportunity to introduce me to the amazing but simultaneously overwhelming beauty store known as Ulta. If you are passionate about beauty and cosmetics, I strongly recommend checking this store out. They contain more merchandise than I thought possible, and they also sell products that are difficult to come across elsewhere.

My sister has heard me express interest in the Clarasonic, so whilst in Ulta she encouraged me to experiment with something called a Konjac sponge. A Konjac sponge is a tool used to wash the face or body and it contains mineral extracts that not only deeply cleanse the skin but furthermore gently exfoliate it. This tool is perfect for individuals who struggle with sensitive skin because it contains no harsh chemicals or exfoliating granules yet is capable of a tremendously deep cleanse. Konjac is a detoxifying root that effectively rids the skin of makeup, impurities and bacteria without aggravating any existing blemishes or skin conditions. I purchased my sponge at Ulta for a mere $8.00, and my sister informed me they’re often available at Winners.

The sponge itself requires minimal maintenance. It is recommended that the sponge is rinsed after each use and stored in a well ventilated area, but because the sponge contains detoxifying properties it does not accumulate bacteria like traditional sponges. This tool is inexpensive, easy to use and easily accessible, so what isn’t to like?

Sure beats a Clarasonic.


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