The Cost of the United States Presidential Inauguration

Presidential inaugurations are taken rather seriously in the United States. The affair draws thousands of spectators and highly recognized figures in popular culture to witness the recently elected presidential candidate’s earliest hours in office, though considering the sole purpose of the event is to simply inaugurate the new president, I have to question why the affair is so extravagant.

According to the US Senate’s website, the events that occurred throughout Donald Trump’s recent presidential inauguration are as follows:

  1. Morning Worship Service
  2. Procession to the Capitol
  3. Vice President’s Swearing In Ceremony
  4. President’s Swearing In Ceremony
  5. Inaugural Address
  6. Departure of Outgoing President
  7. Inaugural Luncheon
  8. Inaugural Parade
  9. Inaugural Ball

If you consider the amount of food, beverages, security, entertainment and transportation services that are incorporated into this busy schedule, you may be prompted to question just how much the average presidential inauguration costs.

Brace yourself: The recent inauguration of Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence generated a total cost of two hundred million dollars. 

Yes, you read that figure correctly. Donald Trump’s inauguration cost America two hundred million dollars, which I find to be quite ironic considering one of Trump’s promises to U.S. citizens is to restore their economy. More specifically, the two hundred million dollar bill was footed by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremony, the Presidential Inaugural Committee, the federal government, the state, and local governments, according to The New York Times. Obama’s 2006 inauguration cost America fifty-three million dollars, and while this amount is by no means small nor jusififble, it is significantly less than the cost of Trump’s inauguration.

I have to question why such a tremendously large amount of money is required to pay for the introduction of a new president to office.

There are definitely other things in America and furthermore in society that would benefit from two hundred million dollars.



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