The Falsity of Social Media

Social media platforms have catapulted in popularity in the past five years or so. It seems as though everywhere you go you are confronted with some type of social media reference, whether it be to connect with an individual or to remain informed about certain events. While the prevalence and accessibility of social media is arguably efficient and entertaining, the content users post to their accounts can be problematic if one were to consider the falsity that often lies behind photos and statuses.

It is so incredibly easy and furthermore alluring to post images and statuses to a social media account that communicates a certain perspective about its user. Social media is designed to be adapted to best suit its users needs, and I would argue that false identities exist within social media accounts far more often than fellow users acknowledge.

Take Instagram for example, a platform that is designed to showcase photos and hashtags to describe them. Users tend to post images to their profile that suggests who they are as a person, however it is arguable that said images are often used to suggest who a user wishes to be interpreted as. I once read a statement explaining how we only post to social media what we wish for others to see, and I cannot agree with this belief enough.

Whether it is posting selfies or statuses about loving relationships, social media definitely contributes to the concept of false identities. If you were to explore the accounts of a random person via social media, chances are you are going to form an opinion or an idea about who they are as a person. This is problematic because the way in which a person presents themselves through social media can be entirely misleading of who they are as a genuine person. I suppose this can be perceived as a good or a bad thing, but I personally find it dangerous.

Who are you within social media? I feel as though this is a question worth asking.

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