Nuts for Nuts

Nuts come in a multitude of different varieties and tend to offer several nutritional benefits to those who consume them. They contain an elevated amount of healthy fats, and while such fats are essential to a balanced diet it is important to be aware of just how much fat nuts contain. I have created a little guideline regarding how many calories one ounce of different sorts of nuts contain in order to aid in clarifying their nutritional value:

  • Almonds: 160 calories per ounce (approximately 22 nuts)
  • Brazil Nuts: 190 calories per ounce (approximately 7 nuts)
  • Cashews: 160 calories per ounce (approximately 17 nuts)
  • Chestnuts: 70 calories per ounce (approximately 3 nuts)
  • Hazelnuts: 180 calories per ounce (approximately 17 nuts)
  • Macadamia Nuts: 200 calories per ounce (approximately 11 nuts)
  • Peanuts: 170 calories per ounce (approximately 28 nuts)
  • Pecans: 200 calories per ounce (approximately 19 nuts)
  • Pine Nuts: 160 calories per ounce (approximately 160 nuts)
  • Pistachios: 160 calories per ounce (approximately 47 nuts)
  • Walnuts: 190 calories per ounce (approximately 14 nuts)

Nuts contain several nutrients that aid in promoting heart and overall body health, some examples being fibre, Vitamin E, plant sterols, unsaturated fats, Omega 3 fatty acids and l-arginine. They are undoubtedly high in calories, however when ingested in moderation they an excellent means to maintain overall health. They are usually inexpensive and are easy to locate and purchase, and furthermore are easy to transport if eaten as a snack on-the-go.

I personally prefer pistachios, cashews and hazelnuts, however I can say with confidence that I have never encountered a nut I failed to enjoy. If raw nuts are not something you particularly enjoy, most nuts are available for purchase in spread or butter forms and said spreads and butters can be used on many different foods in order to create new and exciting snacks. I love having apple slices dipped in cashew butter or peanut butter, and both spreads furthermore taste great on breads and crackers. I have even tried dipping baby carrots in cashew butter – it is honestly pretty tasty!

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