The Instability of a University Education Post-Graduation

Last night while browsing through my Facebook newsfeed I came across an article posted on the CBC website. The article is by Nick Purdon and Leonardo Palleja and it is titled “‘The Millennial Side Hustle,’ Not Stable Jobs, Is the New Reality for University Grads”. It features interviews with several different individuals who have completed a university degree (one woman both university and a college diploma) though who have been unable to designate and be hired in a job affiliated with their university degree.

While the article is honestly depressing for persons like myself who are currently completing a university degree, I feel as though it is necessary and realistic in terms of the content it presents. The current state of the job market in North America is poor in the sense that there are fewer and fewer jobs with more and more persons earning a university education. Students are graduating from university with the expectation that they will be hired by an employer in an occupation they have become familiarized with through their education, however this expectation is simply not realistic in contemporary society. The job market has become so incredibly competitive and furthermore crowded and as a result more individuals are pursuing a university education – this cycle is vicious and endless.

I find it rather bothersome that there is still such a tremendous push from high school institutions for persons to attend university considering the state of the job market. It is arguable that the situation will likely not improve anytime soon, therefore it is crucial that students in high school begin to be encouraged to consider working in the trades or attending college, preferably the former. Practical and in-field experience is essential when applying for jobs in contemporary society and is commonly what employers seek in potential job applicants, and this experience often fails to be offered in university programs with the exception of co-op programs or placements.

I will be finished my university education this Spring, however I do not feel as though I am ready to engage in the working world because I have not gained any true experience whilst in university. I therefore believe the trades are what should be promoted amongst students considering the extension of their education, and in doing so perhaps the state of the job market will regain equilibrium.

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