The Rise of Global Warming

Yesterday while driving along the QEW I was struck by how tremendously warm the sun felt as it came through my truck window. I was directly in the sun’s rays and I became so hot I actually had to turn off the heat in my truck and roll the windows down.

Keep in mind this is occurring in the middle of March in a Canadian climate.

Global warming, according to, is very, very real. If you are similar to Donald Trump in the sense that you continue to deny the rising prevalence of global warming in contemporary weather, I suggest you do some research and pull your head out of the dirt. explains that over the past fifty year duration, average global temperatures have elevated at the fastest rate in documented history. All but one of the sixteen warmest years in NASA’s past 134-year record have been reported since the year 2000, and experts have no doubt that these rising temperatures will continue to occur and furthermore worsen.

The website explains that global warming is a result of carbon dioxide and other pollutants/greenhouse gasses collaborating in the atmosphere, absorbing sunlight and solar radiation in doing so. This radiation is typically able to penetrate the atmosphere and dissipate into space, however because pollutant rates are increasing it is unable to do so and therefore remains clouded in the atmosphere for centuries, forcing heat to remain within. This is commonly referred to as The Greenhouse Effect.

America is one of the largest contributors to The Greenhouse Effect because of its mass burning of fossil fuels to produce electricity. The U.S. produces approximately two billion tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, and this in combination with its coal-burning power plants and tremendous transportation industry (producing approximately 1.7 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per year) allows America to claim the title of a major global warming perpetrator.

Despite significant damage already being done to the planet, it is still possible to reduce your own carbon footprint and assist in depleting the occurrence of global warming in doing so. When purchasing automobiles and appliances consider the most energy-efficient options, and try to keep the state of the planet in mind as you go about your daily activities.

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