Verbal Confrontation

My sister informed me yesterday that she was recently involved in a verbal confrontation in a public environment with one other individual. The situation became rather intense and my sister acknowledged that it was best for her to simply walk away rather than continue to argue, and her behaviour prompted me to compose a post regarding how to go about handling verbal confrontation.

I do not believe I am an expert when it comes to verbal confrontation, however I have experienced it on several occasions and there are certain way to proceed in order to avoid worsening the situation. It is easy for emotions to overwhelm logic and reason and emotions are often the culprit for exaggerated outcomes and actions in an argument, therefore it is crucial to keep a clear head when arguing with someone and recognizing when it is best to simply walk away.

If you are conscious of the fact that you are not at fault, I would suggest walking away. In doing so you prevent your own temper from flaring and are able to handle confrontation more efficiently. If you are at fault, however, and are conscious of your fault, I suggest being forward and honest with the person(s) you are arguing with and simply offering an apology. If the opposing person is not willing to accept your apology, move on and walk away.

Verbal confrontation is essentially inevitable in life, and depending on the environment in which it occurs it can be tricky to decipher how to proceed. Try your best to remain calm and think clearly, and always remind yourself that the person you are arguing with is likely as disgruntled as you are. Do not insult the other person or raise your voice – attempt to remain clam and talk the situation out.

Worst case scenario? Nothing is resolved and you try again at a later date. Keep working at it and things will more than likely work themselves out.

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