20 Ways to Spice Up Your Water

Water is an incredibly beneficial beverage that contributes to elevated overall health. Drinking water has the potential to increase energy levels and combat fatigue, promote weight loss, rid the body of toxins, improve the complexion of skin, promote regular digestion and bowel movements, elevate the immune system, prevent and relieve headaches and aid in receiving muscle cramps and sprains.

One downfall of water is that drinking it plain can become boring. I did some brainstorming and along with some inspiration from Buzzfeed I have come up with some ideas to bring some excitement to your glass of H2O – I think they aid in diminishing the basic taste of water.

  1. Water + strawberry, lemon and basil
  2. Water + orange and blueberry
  3. Water + watermelon and mint
  4. Water + citrus and cucumber
  5. Water + strawberry, lime and cucumber
  6. Water + citrus and cilantro
  7. Water + rosemary and grapefruit
  8. Water + raspberry and vanilla
  9. Water + blueberry and lavender
  10. Water + cantaloupe, honey and mint
  11. Water + kiwi and cucumber
  12. Water + honeydew and raspberry
  13. Water + coconut and lime
  14. Water + mango and lime
  15. Water + orange and mint
  16. Water + strawberry and club soda
  17. Water + mio and club soda
  18. Water + lemon and lavender

It is apparent that there are many combinations in existence to amplify the taste of water, and there are many that I did not mention as well. Depending on your preferred tastes and flavours, feel free to mix and match the above combinations in order to designate one that best suits your palate.

There are also many water-infusing products available for purchase at the grocery store. I like Mio (however it is overpriced) and a Sobey’s specific brand called Zaz. There is also the option of crystal light which comes in a variety of different flavours.

I would argue that a majority of persons need to drink more water, and with the above combinations it is certainly possible to do so. Get mixing and drink up!


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