Mean Girls

Several days ago my roommate and I were discussing the societal attitude girls tend to have towards one another. We were sitting in our living room in our student home and a group of girls walked past our main window, and we were disgruntled because they gave us a rather nasty look and stared at us through the window while they walked past.

Granted, this fails to sound like a dramatic incident, however after it occurred my roommate and I were conversing about how girls tend to treat other girls with negativity. I rarely walk past another woman in public and share a smile with her because I am confronted with a death stare if I happen to meet her gaze, and while I am aware I also participate in this death stare I do not do so intentionally.

So often I come across hateful comments towards women throughout social media platforms that are issued by other women, and seeing these negative interactions prompts me to question why it is that women fail to treat other unfamiliar with women with respect and kindness. Society is at a point in which the unification of women is needed more than ever, yet women, for the most part, continue to verbally bash and scrutinize other women via online conversations.

Rather than criticizing a woman for her use of makeup, why not compliment her on her skill and confidence? As opposed to judging a woman because of her body type or size, why not instead praise her for embracing her figure and being bold in her self-love? Why not credit a woman for her efforts in the workforce and abstain from voicing your opinion about how she should be devoting her time to raising and caring for her family?

Women are an incredibly powerful group in contemporary society, and together we can generate tremendous change. Embrace your fellow females and allow positivity to flow.

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