Film Review: Beauty and the Beast

On Saturday evening a couple of my roommates and I went to theatres to view the 2017 film release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The movie features Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast and is an adaptation of the 1991 original film.

Let me start off by stating that I am by no means a Disney fan. I was not brought up with Disney films or princesses and therefore have never possessed any interest in the movies. However, seeing the 2017 version of this Disney film on Saturday allowed me to reconsider my opinions of Disney and embrace it with a more positive opinion.

The movie was truly great. I do not enjoy Disney films nor do I enjoy musicals, and despite this film containing both of these elements it was honestly excellent. Emma Watson is, in my opinion, the absolute best actor to play Belle because of her dominant character and determination to stand up for herself when confronted with the beast, and this Disney film furthermore gains my approval because it features a female heroine who refuses to abide by societal gender expectations and norms. Belle is independent, fearless and speaks her mind, and Emma Watson exemplifies these traits perfectly.

All of the actors in the film are fantastic performers in terms of both acting and singing, and the special effects used to create the Beast and the living household items in his castle were impeccable.

I also really enjoy this particular Disney film because it proposes an altruistic moral. It suggests that beauty really is more than simply surface level appearances, and Belle’s relationship with the Beast is emotional and raw despite his frightening exterior.

Overall I would certainly recommend seeing this film, and I personally would go to see it again if given the opportunity. It is fun, entertaining, family-friendly and offers a great message, so what is not to like?

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