Relationships: When Are They ‘Over’ ?

Relationships are a fickle thing. It is difficult to determine a specific set of characteristics of requirements that should exist between two persons in a relationship because relationships are entirely subjective – they vary and range for each and every person and cannot be characterized or generalized because of the individuality they possess.

Because they are so different and unique, it can be incredibly confusing to determine whether or not a relationship is working for you and your partner and whether or not is it healthy or functional. Based on my own experiences (and no, I am not an expert), relationships are something that require a tremendous of effort, compromise and understanding, and I personally do not believe one should be discarded for an argument every now and then.

Couples argue. This is common knowledge, and quite honestly, if there is an absence of disagreements between you and your partner I am unsure if this is a good sign. I am not trying to suggest that you and your partner should be fighting on a daily basis, because that is not an indication of a healthy relationship, either – however, if you and your partner never disagree on something, it is possible that neither of you are standing up for your own beliefs and are therefore ignoring your own opinions and passions to simply refrain from initiating an argument.

If you are in any sort of danger in a relationship, whether it be emotional, psychological or physical, or if you feel unsafe or threatened it is likely that you are not in a healthy relationship. Your safety and happiness should never be in jeopardy in a relationship you share with another person, nor should you feel as though you are existing in a relationship because you have no other options. Arguments between couples are normal, not abuse. Please be sure to seek assistance if you think you are in an unhealthy or dangerous situation with your partner, and do not be afraid to speak your mind in a relationship and stand up for yourself.

Love is wonderful, challenging, frustrating and rewarding, but it is not perfect.

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