The Disconnect Between Rural and Urban Environments

Last weekend my mom and I watched a documentary on Netflix titled Farmland. It features several different farmers and the particular sector of agriculture they associate themselves and their farms with, and it inspired me to discuss the disconnect that exists between rural and urban environments.

One of the main themes of the film is this disconnect and the general sense of ignorance that exists in regards to agriculture. Each farmer interviewed in this documentary expressed concern and furthermore annoyance with the misunderstandings that are affiliated with farming, and they all discussed how more awareness of what exactly farming entails needs to be generated in order to diminish and eventually eradicate inaccurate assumptions about agriculture.

One thing I have noticed when conversing with persons who are unfamiliar with agriculture is the unwillingness to learn and gain a proper comprehension of what agriculture is and how it functions and operates in contemporary society. There are a multitude of misconceptions in regards to how farms operate in Canada, however it is rare to come across persons willing to educate themselves about the industry and correct their ill-informed assumptions.

An additional issue that exists between rural and urban environments is the ignorance addressing food production. So many persons believe that the food they purchase and consume from grocery stores is grown within the store and are reluctant to acknowledge the hard work and sacrifice that goes into agriculture. Farming is an incredibly intense, stressful and tiring occupation to be involved with, therefore those who farm are deserving of more recognition and appreciation for their efforts in order to provide for communities.

Perhaps I am biased in my passion for agriculture, however farming and farmers are truly an integral component of society. I am so incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to live and work on a farm and witness the effort it entails, and I am more than willing to advocate for agricultural awareness as a result.

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