A Sophisticated Take on The Messy Bun

The messy bun is a hairstyle that many men and women have been sporting over the past decade or so. It requires minimal effort and can be executed quickly, making it ideal for persons who cannot be bothered to spend time and effort on styling their hair.

I myself can thoroughly appreciate the concept of the messy bun, therefore I thought I would experiment with ways to allow this hairstyle to appear more sophisticated and formal in order to wear it to various outings. The following is my how-to guide regarding how to ensure your messy bun appears more sleek by incorporating, you guessed it, braids into the look.

Begin by brushing your hair back into a smooth pony that sits almost on the top of your skull. Your ponytail should rest in the approximate region where you would tie your hair back to create a messy bun hairstyle. Tie the hair back with one or two elastics, depending on the length and thickness of your hair, and once secured flip the ponytail down over your face so you are looking directly into it. Section the ponytail into three sections and being to braid the hair until you reach the end of the pony, tying the braid off with a clear elastic band. Once the braid is secure, begin to wind it around the base of the ponytail until the clear elastic is tucked hidden beneath the twisted braid. Pin down the end of the braid with a bobby pin and continue to insert bobby pins into the braided bun until it looks and feels secure. Feel free to pull any baby hairs from the bun in order to frame your face, and voila! You have created a braided messy bun that can be worn from the gym to the bar.

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