3 Tips for A Healthy Relationship

Giving persons advice regarding the relationship they have with their partner can be a fickle thing. Considering all relationships are unique and contain different dynamics, it can be difficult to determine any sort of advice to abide by because all persons value different things in the relationships they maintain individually.

I titled this post as three tips for a healthy relationships rather than five requirements for this reason. These are merely my own tips that have the potential to enhance the relationship you have with your partner, and they certainly are not going to work for everyone. I abide by these tips in my own relationship with my boyfriend, and I believe they have helped to make our relationship stronger. Feel free to experiment with them yourself in order to determine whether or not they work for you.

1) Laugh (a lot): laughter is so important in a relationship. Being comfortable with your partner is a necessity in order to move forward and grow in your relationship, therefore being able to be goofy and laugh hysterically with one another is important. Don’t be afraid to get silly and be yourself- your partner will arguably appreciate your vulnerability in doing so.

2) Always be honest: honestly truly is the best policy when it comes to relationships, and it is always best to be truthful even when the truth may insinuate an argument. Keeping things from your partner or lying to them will only escalate over time, allowing for the possibility of a major conflict to occur.

3) Be fair: although it may be difficult and challenging at times, fairness in a relationship is a key component in maintaining balance. Without being fair, the equilibrium between yourself and your partner can become disrupted and can leave one of you or both of you feeling hurt and disappointed.

Be sure to treat your partner with respect and establish some rules between the two of you to ensure you can experience the best relationship possible. Be kind and patient and see if these tips work for you personally.

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