The Lack of Appreciation Regarding Farmers in Contemporary Society

I have always found it rather bothersome that farmers seem to be forgotten when it comes to appreciating specific occupations in contemporary society. There are particular careers that undoubtably receive more recognition than others, for example doctors, police officers and teachers, and as much as I, too, appreciate these occupations, I definitely think farmers should be acknowledged alongside other jobs.

We as a society tend to recognize persons who exceed expectations when it comes to how they contribute to a community. We admire doctors for their medical knowledge and their ability to heal patients; we admire police officers for keeping our families and neighbourhoods safe; we admire teachers for educating our youth and encouraging them to seek out their highest potential later in life. We do not, however, give credit to farmers and their efforts to nearly the same extent we do other persons, and it seems as though we forget that farmers are the people who grow and provide us with food to maintain and produce life. If it were not for farmers, we would not be able to support life and other resources, and the human race would rapidly decline in its quality of life.

I do not believe a majority of persons realize the amount of sacrifice and dedication exhibited by farmers in their daily lives. They wake at the crack of dawn and go to sleep well past dusk, ensuring that they have done everything possible to produce and grow bountiful crops. They have families and responsibilities like anyone else, and their work is fuelled by passion and dedication. They do not take holidays or days off. They do not stay in bed when they’re feeling unwell. They are working every single day to provide for us and put their own needs aside until their work is done.

Is that not worth appreciating?

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