Mother’s Day

Today marks the 2017 calendar date of Mother’s Day. It is my assumption that this is common knowledge, and if not I hope reading this post prompted the realization that you need to do something kind for your own mother today. Realistically, however, I would argue that every day is a form of Mother’s Day, and I feel as though mother’s deserve much more than one day of significant recognition for everything they do for their children and families as a whole.

It is difficult to adequately comprehend just how much mother’s do for their families on a daily basis. So often we take the efforts of our moms for granted, or fail to perceive their love and care as a blessing and rather begin to interpret it as an expectation or as the born. Father’s are also tremendously deserving of appreciation more than one day of the year, but I will save that blurb for Father’s Day..

I usually find myself struggling when attempting to determine what I will do or give my own mom on Mother’s Day. Yes, our moms certainly deserve a token of gratitude today, but they deserve this same gratitude and appreciation each and every day of their lives. Flowers and chocolate are a kind way to remind our mon’s we love them, but should we not be reminding them of this daily?

If you’re able, please spend some time with your own mom today, and furthermore other significant women in your life. Whether it be your mom, aunt, grandmother, a woman trying to conceive  or a non-familial figure, be sure to acknowledge the woman you know as mom today and show her your appreciation for everything she does.

To my own mom: I don’t think I can put my love and appreciation for you into words, but please know I strive to be the woman you are daily. You have shown me what it means to love, fight and move forward in darkness, and for that I thank you for being my mom.

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