Product Review: Mystic Moments Essential Oils of Italy

Making use of my diffuser prior to going to sleep at night has quickly become one of the most relaxing things I can do before bed. I find the gentle whirring noise of my diffuser to be weirdly soothing, and the light scent of essential oils throughout my room is a pleasant thing snooze off to.

There are a multitude of options regarding essential oils scents and types, therefore I thought I would offer my review of a specific starter pack I ordered from Amazon. The particular oils I purchased are manufactured by a company called Mystic Moments, and I selected their Essential Oils of Italy starter pack to experiment with and make use of within my diffuser.

The Oils of Italy pack retails for $14.00 and consists of five 10mm bottles in five different scents; Bergamot Sicilian, Clementine, Melissa Leaf Reconstituted, Lime Distilled and Orange Blood. Considering the price and the amount of product I received, I think this is a very reasonable deal.

I absolutely love the clementine, orange blood and lime scents, however the bergamot and melissa leaf oils are a touch too heavy for me. I tend to gravitate towards citrus scents which is likely why the circus oils in this combination pack are what I prefer, but perhaps the other two scents would be favoured by a majority of persons.

This company makes several different combinations of “starter packs” for persons beginning to experiment with diffusers and essential oils as a whole. If you’re a fan of oils I recommend exploring their merchandise via Amazon and selecting a particular combination of scents that might appeal to you. There offer sweet scents, floral scents, seasonal scents and even have a combination of coffee scented essential oils. With all honestly, there is quite literally an essential oil for each and every person.

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