Yesterday I celebrated my 22nd birthday. I was, and remain to be overwhelmed with the amount of kind words and messages I received from a multitude of friends and family, and I am incredibly thankful for this recognition.

I can recall being younger and feeling as though my birthday was the most significant day of the year. I would begin to anticipate my birthday weeks prior to it actually occurring, relishing the date fully and being positively gleeful regarding the gifts and goodies I received. Now that I am older, I am grateful to be able to look back on how I reacted to former birthday’s in comparison to how I react to them now.

As a child, it is entirely normal to feel as though a birthday is the most momentous day of your life. You feel special and excited to have one day dedicated to yourself, and the gifts you receive are the greatest components of the day. As we age, however, I would argue that materialistic gifts become inferior to the quality time spent with friends and family on your birthday, and the memories created during these occasions are what you carry forward into upcoming birthday’s rather than the gifts given.

I am so incredibly grateful to be able to spend my birthday(s) with my wonderful family, close friends and boyfriend. Those who take the time to express birthday wishes on our special days are the ones that truly matter and remain to be relevant in our lives. I thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday.

Being able to celebrate another year is a gift in itself. I am thankful to be healthy and happy and to have such fantastic family and friends in my life, and quite honestly, no gifts can compete with the realization that I tremendously blessed.

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