John Deere

John Deere is arguably one of the largest and most successful agricultural corporations in history. The company manufactures and produces not only agricultural equipment, but furthermore construction machinery, forestry equipment, diesel engines, drivetrains including axles, transmissions and gearboxes used in heavy machinery, and lawn care and maintenance equipment. As of 2016, it ranked #97 within the Fortune 500 (American ranking) and #364 in the worldwide ranking.

John Deere initiated in 1804 when the individual John Deere, born in Vermont, USA, moved to Illinois in 1836 to avoid bankruptcy. Being a recognized blacksmith prior to his potential bankruptcy, Deere opened a shop in Grand Detour, Illinois, in 1837 and worked as a general mechanic/repairman in the local town. Deere began to produce small tools, for example pitch forks and shovels, eventually producing the self-scouring steel plow in 1837 which replaced the iron/wooden plows typically used by farmers in this era. His steel plow allowed for a surplus in migration into the American Great Plains in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and as of 2016 John Deere’s revenue totalled to 26.644 billion dollars.

John Deere’s logo depicts a leaping deer with the phrase “John Deere” beneath it, said logo being used by the company for approximately 155 years. The company uses different colours in their logo to separate its different types of products, for example their agricultural equipment being labelled with green and yellow paint as opposed to their construction equipment being labelled with black and yellow paint.

My father and uncle use John Deere equipment on our family farm, and while they use a variety of different brands of agricultural equipment, John Deere remains to be the most acknowledged agricultural equipment brand in contemporary society. As their logo reads, “nothing runs like a deer”, and when it comes to agriculture, equipment must be reliable and efficient, which is what John Deere ensures.


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