Pita Pit: Fresh, Healthy Thinking

Healthier alternatives in regards to fast food are tough to designate. I would argue that for a majority of individuals, the phrase “fast food” brings to mind the image of a greasy hamburger and heavily salted fries. While this may be the most common food combination offered by fast food chains, it does not apply to all. Pita Pit serves as an exception to this stereotype, and with my recent employment at one of the stores in Brantford I can say with confidence that this fast food chain is absolutely a healthier option.

Pita Pit is a fresh and convenient approach to fast food. The chain offers a multitude of different meat and vegetarian fillings, including some vegan options, and plenty of fresh vegetables and delicious sauces. The most popular orders in the store I work at include the chicken Caesar pita, the southwest chicken/steak pita and the chicken shawarma pita, but my personal favourite is the black bean pita. This particular option is gluten free and vegan/vegetarian and tastes delicious when combined with some veggies and hot sauce.

Pitas are available in large (9 inches) and small (6 inches) sizes, and gluten free pitas are also available. Not in the mood for a pita? Perhaps a salad would suit you better, and each and every pita option can be easily made into a salad.

A majority of Pita Pit locations also offer smoothies made from fruits and vegetables and are made without the addition of additional sugars. House made pita chips are also made to order and can be eaten alongside any of the store sauces.

Perhaps I am slightly biased in my own opinion of Pita Pit because I do work at one, however this chain offers food options that can be adhered and adjusted to best suit the needs of any customer. Give it a try!

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