The Power of Re-Connection

On Friday evening, after I returned home from working at Pita Pit, I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by my great aunt Lucy and uncle Gary. Lucy is my Oma’s youngest sister of fifteen children, and I rarely get to see her and her husband because of distance barriers. The two of them occasionally embark on road-trips in their travel van, therefore when they informed my parents they would be stopping by the farm, we were all delighted.

Although Gary and Lucy only stayed with us for one evening, their company was truly appreciated and enjoyable. I had only met Lucy and Gary once prior in my life, such meeting being when I was significantly younger than I am now. Despite being somewhat unfamiliar with the two of them, we immediately hit it off and were soon conversing about Lucy’s childhood and some of her memories with my Oma. It was an absolute pleasure to be in the company of my great aunt and uncle, and I look forward to visiting with them again one day soon.

I thought I would create a post addressing the power of re-connection because of the tremendous joy I experienced whilst conversing with Gary and Lucy. Being able to witness Lucy and my mom discuss my grandmother’s childhood and familial relations was honestly rather special considering I do not know much about my Oma’s family, and observing my mother’s fascination in doing so was oddly rewarding for me. I was amazed with how comfortable I felt with my great aunt and uncle, and their visit encouraged me to acknowledge just how powerful familial and friendly re-connections can be.

If there is an individual in your own life you have been hoping to re-connect with, I urge you to do so in order to potentially experience this power for yourself.

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