Inexpensive Decor Ideas

Decorating any space can present a multitude of challenges, cost being one of them. For many persons, decorating fails to be something they are able to afford as a result of other life expenses, however decorating does not have to be a pricey ordeal. I thought I would propose some inexpensive DIY decor ideas that are both unique and fun, and that furthermore require minimal artistic ability.

  1. Fake flowers: Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on flowers every year, perhaps consider purchasing some fake flowers. I purchased some nice fake flowers from the dollar store (where you can also purchase vases), and I find them to look quite nice in my bedroom
  2. Personalized bulletin boards: Bulletin boards can be purchased from most dollar stores or craft stores and can be used to achieve a lovely, personalized photo arrangement. To add personalized touches, try experimenting with some rhinestones or lace to create a border or small embellishments
  3. Personalized candle holders/flower pots: This DIY craft can be performed in a variety of ways and can be adapted to suit the preferences of any persons. I would recommend using paints for flower pots and jewels for candle holders, with all of these supplies being available for purchase at most dollar stores.
  4. Decorated wine bottle: One of my roommates created this craft for a friend of hers, and it turned out beautifully. Simply recycle an empty wine bottle and decorate it with photos, lace, rhinestones or paint.
  5. DIY shelves: This particular craft may be more difficult than the others mentioned, however it is entirely achievable. Ask for some assistance if needed and try to recycle some old wood you may have laying around into personalized shelves. Accent the shelves with framed photos or other decorations.

If you have other suggestions for DIY home decor, please leave a comment below!

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