The 2017 Brantford Handmade Market

This past Sunday was the Brantford Handmade Market show at the Brantford Convention Centre. My sister participated in the event and had a display of her many different types of bath bombs and body scrubs that she makes for her business Earthly Delights, and in the midst of aiding her with sales I took some time to explore the event and visit other vendors at the show.

There were a multitude of different vendors and small businesses present. Some examples of the merchandise for sale included bath products, handmade jewelry, candles, totes, pet accessories, books and novels, desserts and hair accessories.

It was honestly wonderful to recognize the amount of small businesses that exist within the city of Brantford and surrounding areas. Without shows such as the Brantford Handmade Market these small businesses would fail to receive any recognition and sales would be limited. My sister informed me that this particular show has five more dates scheduled throughout the duration of the summer, and I hope these shows gain more attention and furthermore success as they continue.

It is also crucial to support small, local businesses. With the expansion of large corporations, small businesses and owners are diminishing in popularity and their progress is limited. Vendor fairs encourage the support of small businesses and emphasize the importance of shopping and buying local, therefore it is important to promote these shows and influence the public into supporting these people and their passions.

It was incredibly rewarding to witness my sister and the success of her business at the show this past weekend. Her hard work and efforts certainly paid off and being able to observe the pride and joy she exerts into her work was wonderful. I am so, so proud of her, and I cannot wait to see the success she will achieve in the near future as well as other small businesses.

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