The Versatility of Barbecuing

Coming up with potential blog topics can be challenging. I always try to write about something that snags my attention on a given day, and today’s intriguing topic happens to be barbecuing. It may sound rather random, however it dawned on me today that barbecuing is arguably one of the most flexible means of cooking food.

Our family uses our barbecue often throughout the summer and furthermore in the early Autumn months. There is something so quaint and inviting about this cooking method, and I find that it has the ability to bring persons together in unison. Cooking is a social activity, and doing so over a flame is a great opportunity for conversation and laughter to flow.

I would argue that individuals automatically associate barbecueing with meat and other proteins, but this does not have to be the case. Yes, steaks and fish and sausages seem to elevate in flavour when cooked over a barbecue, but almost anything can be cooked over a flame. Try experimenting with certain desserts, appetizers and even pizza and see how fantastic these foods can be with a charred flavour.

Barbecued fruit is something that is far too often overlooked in the culinary world. Pineapple, watermelon, honeydew and canteoupe all work well as a barbecued fruit option, and I think their popularity is restricted because it is uncommon to associate fruit with flame. I assure you that it tastes great and is simple todo. Look up some recipes on Google and see where you end up!

Be sure to give your grill a thorough cleaning every couple of uses, interior and exterior. Barbecues offer tremendous taste, but not when they’re loaded with former food leftovers. Cleaning products can be purchased from most home improvement stores and are typically inexpensive.

Fire up that grill and see what you’re capable of!

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