Hydome Farm’s 2017 ALS Fundraiser

On Sunday, June 11th, my family and I attended an ALS fundraiser at Hydome Farms in Mount Pleasant, Ontario. The event was organized and hosted by Clark Merritt, a retired poultry farmer living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a disease that attacks and furthermore destroys neutrons that contribute to muscle control and movement.

Over 600 hundred tickets were sold and guests raised approximately 60,000 dollars to benefit the sector of the Hamilton Health Sciences centre that researches ALS. The event consisted of live music contribute by two bands, a live auction, door prizes, several ALS ice bucket water dumps and a fantastic dinner buffet provided by Devlins, a local eatery located in the heart of Mount Pleasant.

Being able to witness this incredibly successful event for a such a tremendous cause was truly humbling. Clark was so flattered with the momentous support from his own community, as was I.

Considering Mount Pleasant is a small village, the number of guests who attended this fundraiser was absolutely fantastic. Benevolent causes such as these demonstrates the significant unity that can occur within a community to benefit and aid others, and I could not be more proud to have not only attended this fundraiser but furthermore to be a resident of Mount Pleasant.

There was not one individual I acknowledged that failed to have a pleasant experience at this event, and this, in my opinion, speaks volumes in regards to the success of this fundraiser. I am referring to the event as a fundraiser, but Clark referred to it as a party, and I think this accurately captures the spirit of the occasion. Everyone enjoyed themselves and celebrated Clark and the tremendous effort he put fourth into medical research, which is what the event was truly about.

Perhaps the tradition will continue and this celebration will become an annual event. If so, I look forward to next year.

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