Brock University’s 2017 Convocation

This past Friday I attended the convocation ceremony at Brock University for students receiving a Bachelor of Arts. Being a Humanities student, I graduated on Friday, but convocation ceremonies occurred throughout the duration of the week, Friday being the concluding day of graduation.

The ceremony itself was pleasant and the day overall was truly wonderful for myself, personally. I have always received tremendous support from my loves ones in regards to my education, and my graduation was no different.

Something that stuck me about my convocation in particular was the amount of students that graduated from Brock in 2017 alone. The university Dean explained that approximately 3500 individuals were affiliated with the 2017 Brock graduating class, and I find this number to be simultaneously admirable and worrisome.

I realize that graduation is a day to celebrate significant and much deserved achievement, however considering the current state of the job market in Southern Ontario and furthermore the entire province, I cannot refrain from contemplating the limited availability of jobs and the growing number of individuals receiving university and college degrees. Post-secondary education has become an integral component of contemporary society, however with increasing technological advances and less opportunities to find work, I struggle to designate how this situation will achieve equilibrium. It concerns me that a vast multitude of students are completing post-secondary education in hopes of finding work and continuing their academic passions with the current state of work availability in areas of Canada.

I wish the utmost best of luck to any and all persons graduating from college, university and high school, but I am unsure of how many of these persons will be fortunate to find work in their academic field. It is my opinion that strong work ethic, dedication and sacrifice are the characteristics that will set an individual apart from others when competing for a job, and I urge all persons to possess these qualities.

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