Product Review: The Body Shop’s Seaweed Deep Cleansing Gel Wash

If you’re like me and tend to wear a decent amount of face makeup on a given day, you’re likely aware of how difficult it can be to entirely rid your skin of said makeup at the end of a day. It seems as though no matter how thoroughly you wash, wipe, scrub or lather, there is still a residue left on your skin which can be detrimental to the overall appearance of your skin and can lead to more complicated issues over time.

I remain committed to my Marcelle face wash (I did a review on this product) , however some days I find that this cleanser fails to entirely clean my skin at the end of the day.

Enter The Body Shop’s Seaweed Deep Cleansing Gel. I purchased this product a while ago, tried it once or twice and put it away because I wasn’t overly impressed with the results. I actually gave the product to my sister to use, and after seeing it in the shower the other evening I decided to give it another try and see if my opinion of it would change. I tried using this product as an initial cleanser prior to washing my face with my Marcelle cleanser in the shower, and I have definitely noticed a difference in the amount of makeup left on my skin after showering. I find this product to effectively rid the skin of heavy makeup in a gentle manner, and for anyone with sensitive skin, this is a real winner.

The only downfall of this product is it’s inability to treat acne for me personally. I believe this is why I stopped using it when I first tried it – because this product is gentler and free of harsh acne-fighting ingredients, I found that my skin worsened when using it. As a makeup remover, however, it works quite well.

I doubt I will purchase this product again, but as I said, it is a probable candidate for any individual with a sensitivity to harsh chemicals.

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