Why Your Nails Are More Important Than You Think

Nails seem like a rather insignificant component of the human body. They can be tedious to maintain and often come in handy as an effective itch-reliever, but it is arguable that their importance in regards to an individual’s overall health is often overlooked.

I have heard that nails often act as a reflection of a person’s overall health through their appearance, and I wanted to do some more research on the topic. The following information comes from Mercola.com, and I believe it is worth considering.

  • Yellow Nails: Aside from being unattractive, yellow nails can be a sign of a fungal infection, damage from excessive acrylic nail use or nail polish, or can be a residue from cigarette smoke. Yellow nails can also be an indication of thyroid issues, diabetes, psoriasis or respiratory complications.
  • Dry or Brittle Nails: Weak and cracked nails are often a result of wear and tear, for example using chemicals on a frequent basis, having hands submerged in water daily or working with abrasive surfaces. This could also be an indication of a vitamin deficiency, specifically Vitamin A, B or C.
  • White Spots: White spots in nails typically occur from trauma or violent impact upon the nail and will likely fade away in time. In rarer cases white spots can indicate thyroid issues.

Biting nails also comes into play when discussing the appearance of nails. Frequent nail biting can recede the nail bed, allowing the cuticle, nail and finger overall to become more susceptible to infection. Try to abstain from biting your nails to prevent this from occurring.

Be sure to keep your nails trimmed and clean and monitor the appearance of your nails. If you acknowledge any sudden changes, consider consulting with your doctor to determine how to proceed with the situation. Nails are more important than one may think, so be sure to give them the attention and maintenance they deserve.







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