The Significance of Classic Cars

I can say with complete confidence that if it were not for my dads automotive passion, I would not possess the interest in classic cars that I do today. When I was younger I failed to think twice about my dads car collection, however now that I am older and have more of an understanding of the authenticity of these cars, I have a definite admiration for classic cars.

My dad owns a 1969 camaro, a 1955 Thunderbird and a 1966 Cobra. All of his cars are beautiful and have their own unique style, but out of the three I would have to say that my favourite out of the bunch is his camaro. I cannot pinpoint what exactly it is about my dads camaro that prompts me to appreciate it so significantly, but it truly is a magnificent machine. It has tremendous power and a sleek exterior, and it has always been a car that is of tremendous importance to me.

Riding in my dads cars and furthermore learning (and by learning I mean attempting to learn) how to drive them allows me to acknowledge how well built these older vehicles are. Compared to contemporary vehicles, classic cars were built to last, and the mechanics involved with the construction of these cars is undeniable. They simply cannot be beat in their composition which is why they are so valuable today. By no means am I a vehicular expert, nor do I have a keen sense of knowledge in regards to the machinery involved with car construction. I simply appreciate a well-built and classic vehicle, and I owe this appreciation to my father.

Perhaps I will own a classic car myself one day, and if I do I will ensure to maintain it and take proper care of it. Classic cars require dedication and respect, and their value lasts a lifetime.

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