The Benefits of Travelling

I am going to initiate this blog by acknowledging the fact that travelling, for many persons, is simply not possible due to financial responsibilities and commitments. As alluring and enticing as travelling the world may seem, it is considered by a majority of individuals to be a luxury and is simply not possible for some individuals.

I am fortunate enough to have done a fair amount of travelling in my life thanks to my gracious mom and dad. My family and I have together travelled to Florida, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, Rome, Hungary and England, and the memories and experiences I possess as a result from these trips will arguably resonate with me for the rest of my life.

I would certainly like to engage in more travelling in future years, although perhaps not until I have enough money saved up to do so. Some of the destinations I hope to visit include Ireland, Greece and the Caribbean, and I imagine the experiences I will encounter if I do make it to these locations will be absolutely spectacular.

Travelling is truly an incredibly rewarding and furthermore humbling experience. It allows individuals to engage in alternate cultures and geography and in doing so broadens perspectives and understandings of unfamiliar areas. Travelling is an effective means to reduce the chance and occurrence of ignorance towards other cultures and regions of the world because it provides the possibility to educate oneself of differing lifestyles.

I am aware that I am about to reiterate what I formerly explained, but I am truly to grateful for the travelling I have done in my life thanks to my mother and father. I hope that if I have a family of my own one day I am able to travel with my own children and open their eyes to what the world has to offer as well.

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