The Beauty of Photography

Photography is something that has always had the ability to capture my attention. There is something truly significant about a still-life image in which a story can be interpreted, such interpretation being entirely subjective.

I became interested in photography when I was finishing elementary school. I received a digital camera as a gift from my parents and I went to town with it. I took photos of anything and everything and quickly became familiar with the concepts of angles, focusing and lighting. I was not a professional by any means, nor do I categorize myself as a great photographer today, but I certainly have some understanding of what makes a great photograph.

My parents were generous enough to gift me their advanced Nikon camera for my graduation from university and I have already started to experiment with it. I typically capture images with my iPhone camera simply because I always have my phone nearby, however I am making a conscious effort to bring my other camera with me to alluring and opportune landscapes.

I recently came across an agricultural photography company titled Agstock. The company aims to sell images of rural living and farming environments, and after reading the description of what they typically look for in images I decided to submit a few of my own in hopes of being selected to appear on their website. A couple of days ago I received an email from the company informing me that they would like to include my photos on their website, and aside from being rather surprised and flattered I am furthermore excited to share my photography with the web. The opportunity itself is rewarding and will likely be an educational experience for me. I encourage persons to look into Agstock and what they stand for; if I made an impression, any amateur photographer has a chance.

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