The Societal Temporality Regarding Love

Love is a highly prevalent existence in the lives of many individuals. Most persons are affiliated with the sort of love we have toward family members and close friends and how said love is long-lasting and difficult to diminish. Romantic or intimate love, however, seems to encounter a sense of temporality in contemporary society, and I personally find this bothersome.

By “societal temporality regarding love” I am making reference to the concept of making excuses for failed relationships. So often on social media platforms I acknowledge articles or posts explaining why you need to leave your partner or whether or not your relationship with an individual will last.

These posts and articles are problematic for several reasons.

Not only do these resources discredit the amount of commitment and effort required in a romantic relationship, but they furthermore have the ability of persuading individuals to call it quits as soon as things become challenging. This is not realistic, and aside from allowing persons to think relationships are made of only happiness and nothing more, these resources permit persons to exhibit this same ‘give up’ attitude in various aspects of their lives, for example in regards to their education, their careee, etc. They communicate the idea that as soon as challenge presents itself in any context, the solution is to walk away and start fresh rather than to fight for goals and objectives and be diligent.

I have been with my own boyfriend for three and a half years, and I can say with complete confidence that things are not always butterflies and rainbows. If you love someone effort must be put fourth, and conflict every now and then does not mean it is time to throw in the reigns. Granted, if a relationship becomes physically or mentally unsafe then further precautions must be taken in order to avoid extensive harm. But the odd disagreement now and then is absolutely normal. It doesn’t mean it’s time to give up, nor does it mean your relationship with someone has failed. It simply means there are obstacles that need to be tackled in order to strengthen and better the bond between you and a loved one.


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