The Current Wildfires in British Columbia

It is probable that you have heard about the wildfires spreading across the province of British Columbia within the past week, and I thought I would create a post addressing this mass fire to provide some information for any person who is unaware or has limited knowledge of the situation.

As of right now, there are 128 active wildfires burning in British Columbia, the first of this month occurring on the first and more continuing to develop. Some fires reach less than one hectare whereas others are burning up to 7,000 hectares of land. This information comes from The British Columbian Wildfire Service announced that these wildfires have consumed more than 700 square kilometres of territory in the province, most fires existing in the Cariboo region.

The air quality of thousands of BC residents has become plagued with smoke and evacuations have been occurring to avoid any further danger.

An article in The Vancouver Sun by Larry Plynn explains the extent of damage that will impact wild animals residing in the wildfire regions in the province of British Columbia. The article explains that the homes and resources for many wild animals will be destroyed in the flames, and furthermore the animals themselves. It goes on to address how many wildlife shelters in the BC region are preparing for an influx of patients once the fires have been controlled, and asks for residents of BC to be aware that shelters are accepting large and small animals for rehabilitation and eventual release.

The article actually explains how wildfires are essential for the overall heathy and prosperous state of forests as their damage prevents aging and therefore loss of habitats, but does stress the importance of aiding shelters with orphaned or injured animals once the fires have diminished.

If you live in the BC region, you and your province are in my prayers.

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