The Double Standard Regarding Blatant Sexuality

I had a thorough and beneficial conversation the other day with a family friend addressing the concept of blatant sexual expression. We were discussing how heterosexuality is completely and totally tolerated when exhibited in a public manner and how homosexuality fails to encounter the same tolerance when exhibited publicly.

For example, it is socially acceptable for a male to flirt publicly with a woman, or vice versa, because this type of sexuality (between two persons of opposing sexes) is socially categorized as normal. If a male were to flirt with another male in public, however, or a woman with a woman, this sexual interaction is seen as inappropriate because it is homosexual (between two persons of the same sex).

Why does this double standard exist? Why is it arguably so challenging for select persons to come to terms with the concept of homosexuality when they are entirely conscious and accepting of heterosexuality? Social instances of attraction and flirtation should be perceived as entirely equal, regardless of who the instance occurs between.

It bothers me personally when I witness an individual encountering public sexual attention from someone of the opposite sex who obviously does not desire such attention. It is rare for this type of sexual attention to be challenged by an outsider because it is categorized as normal and acceptable, however if two persons of the same sex were to publicly display affection they would likely be interrupted or experience harassment from an outsider, regardless if said affection is desired or not. Why is it subtly suggested that homosexual desire must be frowned upon whereas heterosexual desire must be promoted? Is sexuality and sexual attention between two persons, regardless of their sex, not respected enough to avoid harassment and scrutiny? This double standard must be relentlessly challenged in order to potentially achieve equality.

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