3 Ways to be More Creative

Creativity is a wonderful trait to possesses. It allows for the mind to expand and explore unfamiliar avenues and territories on a daily basis in hopes of unveiling a new, fresh idea or concept. For many persons, however, creativity is not something that comes easily, and it can be incredibly frustrating when one wishes to broaden their perspective in regards to something but finds themselves contained in their own mind.

I did some brainstorming and believe I have three suggestions that may encourage creativity amongst all sorts of individuals. They may work for some and not for others, but it is important to experiment in order to determine a method of creativity that works for you personally.

(1) Carry a journal: Whether you choose to use your journal as a means to keep tabs on daily events and activities or simply as a doodle pad, keeping a journal is a great way to get creative juices flowing and spark inspiration. If you come across a quote or conversation that intrigues you, write it down and look back through your journal at a later date to see if you have material worth expanding upon.

(2) Take photos: By no means to you need to own a high grade camera or be a professional photographer to partake in this suggestion. Try taking random photos throughout a given day and seeing where they could go. Perhaps compose a collage or an album.

(3) Explore musical genres: Music, for some persons, can be a tough category to approach with change. Take it slow and gradually immerse yourself into the world of musical genres you don’t typically listen to. If you’re a rock fan, try listening to some classical. If you’re into country, give jazz a try. You never know what may come from the experience and exposing yourself to new sounds and rhythms has great potential to prompt creativity.

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